5 Favorite Baby Bath Products

The first 6 months of Emily’s life have flown by! I can’t believe my girl is half a year old! I have so many things to share about the first few months of her life.

I love to shop and buy things but now that I’m staying at home with Emily, our income is different then were used to. So now I’m very thoughtful in purchasing items for Emily. Honestly, this helps with the fact that we have an apartment too and we don’t have space for a ton of things anyway. I only want to buy products that we absolutely need for her and products that will work well for us.

Today I thought we would talk about my favorite products for her bath time. When she first came home, I was terrified to give her a bath. She was so tiny and I had no clue what I was doing. She also wasn’t a huge fan of the water yet. Her first ended up with both her and me crying.

Now she loves her bath time and we have a great time splashing and playing around at the end of each day. It’s part of her bedtime routine and I really believe it’s been a huge factor in how well she sleeps.

Here are my top 5 favorite bath time products:


We got this tub from our registry and use it every bath time now, but since we had no idea that Emily was going to be so tiny when she was born, the tub was not a good option for her for a few months. She came home at only 4lb 12oz and was way too tiny for the tub we had chosen. We ended up getting this to go in the tub and it worked perfectly for her. It has some grip to it so she wasn’t sliding everywhere. It’s much smaller then the initial tub we got for her as well. So we ended up needing both options.

Baby Wash

We use and LOVE the Dove soap for babies. I had started off using another type of soap and it dried her skin out so much. My mom recommended looking into Dove and we tried that out for about a week and I was sold. It checks all my boxes for what I was looking for in a soap for her- gentle on skin, cleans well, and smells great! I love sniffing her cute little head after bath time.

Wash clothes

We were given this set of washcloths for a gift when Emily was born. They are the softest cloths I have ever felt and I love using them for her! I ended up getting an extra set to make sure I always had some for her.

Ducky Thermometer

Another great gift we were given for one of our baby showers was this ducky that will tell you if the water is too hot. I was so nervous when she first came home, especially to give her a bath. My main fear was having the water too hot and this ducky helped ease those fears! It told me if the water was too warm and I could fix it before she got in the tub.


Another great gift I was given was this hairbrush to use in the bathtub. She had very mild cradle cap, but this brush gently exfoliated her scalp and took  care of it in just over a week. I do give Emily a bath every day to keep her in a good bedtime routine, but I only wash her hair every 2-3 days.

These are our favorite bath products for Emily. As she gets older, I’m sure we will beading more to bath time. Do you have any favorite products for bath time with your babe?

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