5 Must-Have Makeup Items in Your Purse

I don’t know about you, but I have to touch up my makeup throughout the day!  I do my makeup at about 6:30AM and I don’t get home until close 7PM.  I need my makeup to be looking good all day long.  I’m always hunting for products that are long-wearing.  I have found that no matter how great the products are, a mid-day touch up is a must!  Here are a few products that I carry in my purse with me to touch up throughout the day.

1. Blotting paper

I used to just pile on powder when I got shinny during the day.  Don’t do this!  You have to remove the oil on your skin or your makeup will get super cakey.  I’m still trying out different blotting sheets and I haven’t found one I love, but I do think these are pretty good for now.

2. Powder

I always, always, always carry powder with me.  I have combination skin and my T-zone needs some love by noon!  Again, I never apply powder without blotting first!

3. Eye Liner

I typically need to touch up my eye liner on my bottom lash line right in the outer corner.  Especially when it’s windy my eyes tend to water and it messes up my liner so I like to carry it with me just in case.

4. Lipstick

This is an obvious one!  I love my lipstick and I always carry at least a few options with me.  You never know when you will need to touch up your color!

5. Eyelash glue

Now you only need this one if you wear falsies.  I do and while I rarely need it, I’m so thankful to have it when I do.  I once had an eyelash pop right off while I was just sitting at my desk.  You never know when you will need to reapply some glue!

What’s in your purse?  Do you have any makeup products that you always have to carry with you?

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