5 Ways I’m Developing My Spiritual Gifts

One of my goals for this year is to focus in on developing my spiritual gifts. Two of my spiritual gifts that I want to work on this year are hospitality and giving. These two areas are very important to me. I love opening my home and inviting people in. I want people to feel loved and welcomed. I also love to give gifts and be open to the Lord using me to give to others.

I highly encourage you to find out what your spiritual gifts are so you can continue to grow in them. There are a lot of online tests you can take that will help direct you to figuring out your gifting if you don’t already know. Here is a link to a good resource that lists out spiritual gifts so you can begin to figure out how you have been gifted.

I wanted to share what my goals are to continue growing in my gifting. I am really praying that the Lord uses these gifts to make an impact in people’s lives.


The first goal I set to develop in hospitality is inviting new people into our home at least once per month. I love hosting people in our home. I think it’s important to be intentional about this step for me. It’s easy to be focused on what’s going on in our own lives and forget about the importance of community.


In order to accomplish my first goal, I want to be sure our home is ready to have people at any time. For me, that means simplifying to the point that I’m not having to do a huge clean before people come over. I have developed a new cleaning schedule for us as well to help our home be prepared to invite people over at a moment’s notice. Sometimes hospitality is needed without having time to prepare and I always want to be ready to open our home.


Another area that I will be working on is developing a few simple and delicious meals that we can provide when people come over. It’s never a good idea to try new meals when inviting people over so I want tried and true recipes that everyone can enjoy.


I am also passionate about helping people in their time of need. I have a goal to combine hospitality with giving by looking for people who are in a time of need like having an illness, loss of a family member, or a new baby and preparing a meal for them. I have a few staple meals to be able to make for people. I am also hoping to join the meals team at our church to be able to bless people this way.


While I love giving gifts and birthdays, I have found that I am sometimes forgetful of upcoming birthdays since life is so busy. I always seem to be mailing out birthday gifts and cards after the actual day. This year I am being a lot more intentional with this. Towards the middle of each month, I will sit down for an afternoon and look at the upcoming birthdays for the next month. Then I will buy any gifts I need, write out cards, and address and stamp the envelopes. I’m determined to be prepared ahead of time for celebrating with my loved ones. I’m going to share a full blog post on getting prepared for birthdays soon!


I think it’s truly important is that we are looking for ways to grow and use our gifts. What are your spiritual gifts? Do you have any goals to develop them this year?

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