About Susie


Hi there! I’m Susie. I hope my blog finds you curled up with a delightful cup of something warm, in your favorite, cozy spot. I can’t wait to share my heart with you and what the Lord is doing in my life!

I have been married to my best friend, Austin, for six years. We have a sweet puppy dog named Bella who we adopted from the SPCA five years ago.

I like to say that we live life to the beat of our own drum. In the years we have been married, we have moved five times. Yep, that’s right, five times. Our most recent move was back to Virginia from Texas. Through this journey, I have found so much clarity and growth and while not all moments have been easy, I’m thankful for what the Lord is doing and what He is teaching me.

Speaking of, I’m a born again Christian. I am passionate about women growing closer to the Lord. I am excited to share my heart and what the Lord is teaching me on this blog. I plan to be very open and honest about what I am learning. I’ll also share things I’m passionate about like hospitality, simplifying, baking, running a business, having a career, taking care of the home, studying the Bible, and so much more.


Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I have had a small soy candle business for a few years that we are in the process of rebranding and relaunching in the next few months. I love having a small business! It’s a great creative outlet that I love sharing with others.
  • I have a desperate need to always be the hostess. I love opening my home and inviting people in. I love to bake- cooking, not as much, but I’m trying. I have found some great recipes that are perfect to use when we are hosting that I can’t wait to share.
  • I am a big dreamer, but sometimes have trouble putting my dreams into action. This year, I am working hard to become a doer instead of just dreaming up ideas.
  • I love to write. Sometimes it’s hard for me to process things, so I have found that journaling really helps. But I have such terrible handwriting and I’m so slow at writing on paper that I actually type my journal out on my computer.
  • I have always wanted to be a baker. For about two years, I was constantly making cakes and cupcakes to try out different recipes and decorating techniques. I secretly hope at some point in my life I will own a small bakery.
  • One of my lifelong goals is to have a Bed & Breakfast as we get into retirement age and spend time showing hospitality to as many people as possible.


Thanks for checking out my blog! I can’t wait to get to know you better! Please feel free to get comfy and stay awhile.

Austin and Susie in Dallas

Susie and Bella in Nashville