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Happy Thursday!  I have great news that I’m excited to share with you!  Not only does the blog have a brand new look, Simply By Susie is now a beauty and lifestyle blog.  I’m going to be sharing all about beauty products including makeup, skin care, hair products, and more!  In this beauty and lifestyle blog, I will be talking about new products that I’m loving.  I’m excited to share my finds on here!

I typically hunt for awesome drugstore products because I hate to spend more money than I need to.  I have found so many amazing drugstore products that are just as good (sometimes better) than high end products.  Now that being said, there are a few high end products that I’m obsessed with that I’ll tell you about as well.

I do want to say that everyone’s skin is different so that means some of the products I talk about may work wonderfully for me and may not work for you and what might not work for me could be a great fit for you.  I’m excited to hear how things work for you in comparison to my experience, so leave a comment when you try products and let me know how they work for you!  Also, let me know if there is something you love that you think I should try out as well!  I’m always looking for the next best thing!

Be sure to keep your eyes open for my YouTube channel as I am hoping to get that started within the next few weeks to share some tutorials and reviews.  Thanks for checking out my blog!  Let me know what you think about our new look in the comments below!  I can’t wait to share all things beauty with you!  Thanks for checking out the blog!

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