Birthday Preparation

One of my goals for 2018 is not missing or being late for anyone’s birthday. This past year has been so crazy that I definitely did not do the best job at this. I really love birthdays and celebrating the people that I love. I have come up with a new system to use this year to be sure I am more prepared to show my loved ones that I’m thinking about them and that I love them. Here are some birthday preparation ideas that I’m putting in to action this year.

Look at the month ahead

Every month, about midway through the month, I will be sitting down to look at the month ahead. I have already filled in my 2018 Simplified Planner with everyone’s birthdays. I will look at who’s birthday is coming up the next month.

Make a list

I make a list of those who I will be buying a gift for and those that I need cards for. I will also be checking that I have the addresses that I need. If not, I will be collecting those that day.

Choose a present

If I need a gift, I plan to order or at least choose what I will be getting that day. I am very passionate about using Amazon Prime for gifts. Shipping is so expensive. You can even include a birthday message with the package.

Write out a card

If it’s just a card, I will be writing out the card right then. I have a stack of cards that I always have on hand. Sometimes I will want a specific type of a birthday card that requires a special trip to look for it, but I have found that having cards on hand really helps with this process.

Stamp and address it

Don’t just write out the card. Have it addressed and stamped. I have a mail organizer by the door that I keep the cards in until it’s time to get them in the mail.

Mail out early

At least a week before the big day, I put a reminder in my planner to put the card in the mail. I would rather have the card or gift arrive early so the goal is to always get it in the mail a few days prior than it should take.


This is a pretty simple system, but I am really excited to put it in to place throughout the year. I really don’t want to miss or be late for anyone’s s birthday this year. It’s all about being intentional and planning ahead!

What do you do to help you stay on top of birthdays? I would love any additional ideas to celebrate my loved ones!

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