If you haven’t heard of Lipsense by now, it’s time that you do hear about it!  Lipsense has become a go-to lip color option for countless women.  Their claim to fame is the fact that it is waterproof and will not come off all day long.  My sister-in-law is now selling Lipsense and she sent me a few colors to try out.  I was so excited to test these out and see how they work for me.  I had heard lots of reviews and couldn’t wait to try them!

Audrey sent me 3 colors, Bella, Bombshell, and Crimson Red Diamond.  She also sent a Glossy Gloss and an Oops Remover.  These colors are beautiful and I love all three of them!

The application process is a little different with Lipsense than normal lipstick or lip gloss.  Here are the steps to applying Lipsense.

  1. Clean and dry your lips
  2. Shake Lispense color
  3. Apply a think even coat moving in one direction
  4. Let dry for 5-10 seconds and avoid touching lips
  5. Repeat for three layers of color
  6. Let dry completely
  7. Apply gloss freely
  8. Reapply gloss as needed throughout the day

Now, I had seen a lot of videos of people applying Lispense and doing live videos of their first impression.  I knew the product would tingle when I first applied it because it contains a cosmetic grade alcohol that will kill the bacteria.  While it does tingle when the color is applied, it does go away when the gloss is applied.

On top of how long the product lasts, it also acts as an exfoliator that will break down any any wax build up you have on your lips.

I would definitely recommend trying out Lipsense!  Audrey is so great to work with!  She sent me three colors that were perfect for my skin tone!  She is a great resource to find the perfect Lipsense for you!  Check out her Facebook page here!

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