Pampering Gift Box

I love giving gifts! Probably one of my favorite ways to give a present is to put together a gift box. I have been sharing some ideas over on my Instagram and I thought I would break some down here as well.

Here is a great pink and gold themed pampering gift box that you can give to someone. Here’s what you will need:

  • A pretty gift box. This one from Target is a great option.
  • Shredded paper to stuff in the bottom of the box. If you want to save a few dollars, you can get this from the Dollar Tree for $1 a bag.
  • A hair mask. This one is great! It has Murumuru Butter and Rose in it and makes your hair feel super soft and smell divine. 
  • A face mask. The one I have pictured was only okay when I tried it. I really like it because it had gold in it, but there are lots of options available for face masks so you can find one that works for your box.
  • Body scrub. I love this one. There are a ton of different scents, but I really like this Moroccan Rose one. 
  • A bar of chocolate. Any kind will do. I liked this one because it went with my color scheme. 
  • Add in your favorite Simply Candle and your gift will be ready to give!

That’s it. I found most of the items in this box at Target. It’s super easy to put together and it is such a thoughtful gift! This would make a perfect present for a birthday gift, a bridesmaid gift, and congratulations gift. It would work for any woman in your life from your best friend to your mom!

I would love to hear if you have any other ideas that could go in a pampering gift box! Leave me some ideas below!

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