Rest in a Season of Busy

We happen to be in the middle of the busiest season of our lives so far. Between both of us working full time, Austin’s additional part time job and our candle business, our days are pretty much packed. Add on the fact that we are preparing to welcome our baby girl in a few months, we have four handmade markets for our candles, getting our candles into a few more local shops, and moving to a new apartment, we’re busy. We are also coming up on the holiday season so we are starting to prepare for that as well. It’s just a really busy few months.

While our schedules are overloaded most of the time right now, I’m learning a lot in this busy season though. I wanted to share some of my thoughts on how to keep my sanity, rest and enjoy this season.

  1. Lists keep me going

I am truly embracing lists to help me stay on target and organized. I use a combination of Evernote and my Simplified Planner to help me succeed every day. I make a list at the beginning of each week for all that needs to happen during the week and then I break that list into what needs to happen each day. I get so much satisfaction out of checking items off my list and it ensures that I don’t miss anything important. The days can really slip by without being intentional about planning for success so for me, it’s important to use tools that will help me stay on track. This also allows me to be less frazzled and trust that I will be able to work through the list I made.

2. Physical rest is a top priority

It’s so important to make time to rest even in the busiest of seasons especially with a baby on the way. While most days, I’m not able to rest a lot during the day, I really prioritize bedtime. I try to go to bed so I am getting between 8 to 9 hours of sleep, especially because I wake up a lot during the night. I work hard during the day and evening, but once bedtime hits, I have to put what I’m doing down. I know I can easily fall into not getting enough rest if I’m not setting boundaries for myself.

3. Self-care is a must

For me self-care goes hand in hand with rest. It’s so important to be taking care of myself during a busy season. This can be taking the time to paint my nails or do a face mask. Sometimes it’s going outside for a walk with my hubby and our dog. Self-care looks different for everyone, but basically I’m just making sure I’m taking care of myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s carving out time to intentionally do something that will benefit me. I am trying to add in some prenatal yoga and I’m loving it! It feels so good and it’s also helping to get my body ready for delivery.

4. Cut out the unnecessary

When we have so much on our plate, that means others things have to be pushed to the side. Sometimes these are good things, but they aren’t the most important things in this particular season. There are also time wasters that I can easily cutout and add extra productive time to my day. I can easily cutout or cutback on things like spending half an hour scrolling through social media when I get home from work. It’s good to wind down from the day, but instead of doing something that is really just a waste of time, I could take my dog for a walk which is important and also a way to take care of myself.

5. Enjoy this season and appreciate the moments

While this may be our busiest season, it has also been one of the best seasons for us. We have so much good happening right now and it would be easy to let the overwhelm of this season block out how great so many of these things are! For example, we just got our candles into our third store. It’s worth celebrating! We dropped off our candles right after we both got off work and on our way to take some stuff over to our new apartment. Something so great was sandwiched between stuff we really had to do. I was already in high stress mode from my day. I had to intentionally remind myself to take a second to breath, be thankful, and enjoy the fact that we get to share our candles with more people.


We’re also preparing for baby girl to get here. We have to finish our registry, pick out a name and nursery theme, lots of doctor appointments, and figure out how to be parents. There’s so much to do and the time is passing so quickly. Thankfully every time Baby Girl kicks, she reminds me to slow down and enjoy being pregnant! I was so sick during my first trimester and now my second trimester is just flying by. I want to cherish every moment of carrying this precious baby inside of me.

These are just a few of the ways that I’m making positive changes and encouraging rest in a busy season. I would love to hear how you find rest when life seems to be going a mile a minute.

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