Sunday Prep

I love my weekends! There is so much goodness in a few days away from the weekly routine. We have come to realize though, that although weekends should have some fun and some relaxation, our entrepreneurial goals have us working pretty much around the clock these days, no matter if it’s during the week or on the weekend. This can lead to putting other things on the back burner like what we will have for dinner and housework. One thing that has become my saving grace throughout the week is my Sunday prep time on Sunday afternoons to be sure we are prepared for the week.

I have 5 areas I focus on to get my home ready to go for the week on Sunday afternoons and I’m excited to share them all for you below.

Meal planning

Meal planning is so important when it comes to a successful week. Especially when you’re trying to be as healthy as possible. We honestly get most of the same things every week. We have some good, staple meals that we use. We also eat a lot of salads. If I know there are different meals outside of our usual that we want to make throughout the week, I use my Evernote app to make a list. (Evernote currently stores my life! I have lists for everything and it’s the best!).

We usually go to the earliest church service on Sunday mornings so we are up early and have a ton of time the rest of the day to prepare for the week ahead. Right after church, we have found that this is the best time for us to run to the grocery store. At 9:30 on a Sunday morning, the store is well stocked and pretty much empty, just how I like it.

We usually pick about 3 meals to make throughout the week and then count on leftovers and salads to make up the other lunches and dinners. Breakfast pretty much consists of the same things as well. So we stock up on all our staples and get additional items we need from my list and head on home.

If I haven’t already cleaned out the fridge from anything that needs to be thrown away, I do it before I load any new groceries in. Once my groceries are put away, I move onto cleaning. Usually I come back to some light meal prep towards the end of my Sunday prep. This can look like cutting up some fruit, making some hard boiled eggs, and dividing anything we bought in bulk like meat or cheese (we like Sam’s club for these items as it saves money).



I’ve learned it’s important for me to dive right into preparing my home for the week as soon as we come back from church and grocery shopping. Once my groceries are away, I start a load of laundry to be running while I’m doing the rest of the house cleaning. While Austin takes our sweet Bella out for a walk, because she’s obnoxious with a vacuum, I use that time to vacuum the whole apartment. Then I clean the vinyl flooring in the kitchen. I usually move to the bathrooms next and give those a good, thorough scrub. I also declutter our sink area as it gets messy during the week as I’m using products.

We try really hard to keep up with the kitchen and living space throughout the week. We both get pretty stressed when our living space is a mess, so daily mini cleans and taking care of dishes right away makes a big difference with us.

My overall house clean usually takes about an hour. I love trying to keep up with certain things throughout the week because it keeps us happier, but it also cuts down on having to do massive cleans on the weekend. It also allows for us to freely have people in our home without having to do a major clean before they arrive.



Here’s an important one! While it’s obviously important to have food for the week and a clean home, taking care of your heart on the weekend is so important. I believe this looks different for everyone. For me, it’s a walk on a beautiful afternoon with Austin and Bella. Or sometimes it’s an afternoon nap or curling up with a book for a bit. Other times, it’s watching an episode of Friends on Netflix. It’s all about balance!

What’s truly important when you are taking time for your heart is that you are relaxing and rejuvenating yourself a little for the week ahead. There are endless possibilities. Listening to your favorite music, journaling, going for a run. Just finding something that is good for your soul is so essential for starting fresh on Monday.



Speaking of taking care of yourself, I love a little self-care on Sunday’s. I’m talking physical self-care here. I do a facemask and paint my nails every Sunday. It’s pretty much a must for me. Pampering yourself prior to starting a new week can do wonders. I also use a great exfoliator in the shower all over and put lotion on afterwards to nourish my skin. Some things should only be done once a week and Sundays are a great time to make that happen. A deep conditioner for your hair is another great example.

Being active is part of this too! While going on a walk is good for my heart, it’s also a good self-care practice that I’m physically getting out and moving! I try to work out at least a few times a week. Sundays can be a good day to change up the normal routine a little and go on a great hike instead.


Plan for week

Another must for me. I have to take time to make an intentional plan for the week ahead of me. I like to have specific goals for specific days. If I don’t make a plan, I find myself sitting around wasting time in the evenings after work. By spending even half an hour on Sundays setting some guidelines for my week, I find I am so much more productive and so much happier knowing what I need to be doing to accomplish my goals.

As I am doing this each week, I have found myself being more realistic with my goals. There were a few times that I scheduled about 12 things to do in one evening where I ended up looking at my list, getting discouraged, and not doing anything. Instead, I am realistically considering the time something will take me and putting 2-4 things on my list for each evening after work. It’s much more doable and less intimidating to look at.


What are some ways you prepare for the week ahead? Do you have a specific Sunday prep routine that you stick to?

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