6 Steps to Transforming Your Finances

Have you ever looked at your bank account and thought, “Where is all my money going?”. We used to have moments like that. Thankfully, my financially minded hubby has made a huge difference in how we manage our money. We have found some great resources that have helped us continue to improve what we are doing with our hard-earned cash. There is no time like right now to start transforming your finances.

We are really trying to intentionally get our student loans paid off. It’s taken awhile and we are so sick of still paying them off. We decided that for this season of our lives, we are cutting expenses as much as we can to put all we can into our loans. Everyone has something they could use more money for, whether it’s paying off loans, building a savings account, something specific you are needing to purchase.

Determine a time frame. Set a goal. Commit to doing whatever it takes to meeting that goal. Here are 6 areas that will help you stop spending and start earning more money.


I love going out to eat. There is something so great about other people making my food, bringing it to me, and cleaning it up that brings a smile to my face. It always feels fun and special to go out to eat. But during our season of concentrated saving, eating out has become limited. We only go out to eat for something special or to see friends. We try to only eat out once or twice a week. Sometimes we split a meal too. Restaurants have such big portions, that it’s definitely doable to spilt! It brings our bill down and typically helps us eat a smaller amount of food.

Grocery Shopping

I have a few suggestions for grocery shopping. First, always make a list and stick to it. I know how tempting it is to grab random things that I see in the moment, but that’s how my grocery bill goes up. Meal planning is so helpful! Know what you need and only get that. If that’s too much of a struggle, consider a service like Kroger’s Clicklist. Not only will it eliminate the opportunity to buy extras you don’t need, it will also save time to just pull up and have your groceries brought out to your car.


The struggle is real here! Target is public enemy number one. I am really trying to not go to Target because I spend all sorts of money without even thinking twice. So even though Target brings me so much joy, I’m avoiding it as much as possible for a few months. I don’t need anything right now. I’m good on summer clothes. There is no need for me to be trying to buy new things. I am keeping in mind that we are working towards a goal and that we will have other seasons where we can buy more freely. For now, it’s a time to put my money to a better use.

Free activities

Stop paying for stuff to do. For this season of intentionally saving or putting money towards something important choose to stop going to movies, concerts, plays, and any other activity that costs money. There are so many fun things you can do without spending a dime! Make yourself a bucket list of fun and free things you can do in your town during this season. You may find yourself having even more fun coming up with free adventures. Go outside, take a hike, have a picnic by the lake, take your kids to the park, see if there are free museums in your area, go to the library. There are endless possibilities.

Cut out subscriptions

Take inventory of any subscriptions you have. Magazines, monthly makeup/clothes boxes, Netflix, doggie boxes. How about Prime or Sam’s Club. There are subscriptions for everything now. Are you really using these? Do you get them delivered and never really use them? Are you taking advantage of the benefits of Prime to make the money you spend worth it? Think through carefully what you can eliminate at least for this season. You may be surprised that you don’t even miss these once you stop subscribing.

Sell stuff

Not only can you cut down on your expenses, how about bringing in some extra cash. Sell your stuff. Go through clothes, items around your house, kitchen appliances. Find things in good condition that you aren’t using and list it on Craigslist or Facebook Yardsale. Earn some easy extra cash to put toward your savings or your goal. You would be surprised how much you can make from things you have in your home that you have no use for. Simplifying your home also does your heart so much good!


How easy are all of these? Put a time frame on it. Give yourself 6 months to be concentrated on your goal whether it’s building your savings account, paying off loans, or saving for something important. Keep that goal as your focus and put these 6 steps into action! You will be shocked at how these changes will turn into money in the bank!

Do you have any tried and true methods for cutting your spending and earning extra money?


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