We’re Having a Baby!

We’re having a baby! It’s still so hard to believe. We couldn’t be more excited or terrified. I found out pretty early. I started getting sick at about week 3. It was just some nausea and I felt exhausted. I was pretty sure I was pregnant right away, but couldn’t take a test for another week and a half. Waiting to know for sure was torture, especially since I wasn’t feeling well and had nothing to officially link it to.

During my week and a half of waiting, I went to Target and picked up early pregnancy tests and baby booties because I was convinced I was pregnant. I always wanted to tell Austin in a sweet way that we were pregnant. I planned to tie them to our dog, Bella’s collar and have her run out to him.

Finally when I was in the window of being able to take an early test, I woke up knowing I would take a test. Austin was out in the living room doing his normal early morning quiet time. As I waited for the test to show results, I stood in the bathroom without knowing how to think or feel. I remember praying, “Lord, I trust you either way”. My alarm went off that it was time to look. While I was convinced I was pregnant, the moment right before I looked I thought, “There’s no way this test will show two lines”. I picked the test up and sure enough there was one bold line and a light second line next to it. I was so excited. While I had initially planned to wait until that evening to tell Austin but couldn’t contain this.

I ran out to our bedroom and grabbed the booties I was hiding under our bed. I walked out to the living room and was grinning like a crazy person. I said, “ I have something for you”, and handing Austin the baby booties. Then I started crying. I think he was in shock, probably because it was so early and his wife just came out of the bedroom bawling.

It was a sweet moment. I cried while we talked for a few minutes. We prayed together for our sweet little baby. I’ll always have such a happy memory of that morning. The weird part was having to go about our day as though everything was totally normal. We weren’t going to tell anyone for a while until we knew things were going well.

We told our families about a week later. I was starting to feel a lot more sick and I knew I couldn’t keep a secret much longer. They don’t live near us, my family is in PA and Austin’s is in NY. We decided to Facetime each family and tell them. I wish we could have told them in person, but what a sweet treat to be able to see their faces when they learned about Baby Lake.

Since then, we had our first ultrasound and saw our beautiful baby. I could have stayed in that room and starred at him or her for hours. The best part was when the baby started to wiggle. His or her sweet little arms and legs were going everywhere. That moment made everything so real!

Now that we have settled into the idea that Baby will be joining us in March, we are getting everything else to fall into place as well. We’re moving into a three bedroom because now we need some extra space. We’re officially out of the first trimester and the list of things to do before Baby gets here just keeps growing. I know we will get everything done!

We’re so excited for this new stage in life and can’t wait to meet Baby Lake! March will be here before we know it!

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